Puregen Comfort 3Puregen Comfort 3
Puregen Comfort 3Puregen Comfort 3
Extremely silent water-cooled multistage booster-set with integrated electronic, designed to automatically start and stop the pump in order to guarantee always constant pressure and flow rate.


Comfort 3

Extremely low noise level (73db)
Easy to use
High reliability
Available with 3 and 4 impellers
Innovative and space saving design
Equipped with dry-running protection and built-in non return valve
Automatic and manual reset
Supplied with power cable with plug

5S Features
  • Smart
    A distinctive and reliable controller to start-stop the pump smartly and quietly to deliver water pressure in comfort, also to keep the pump from running-dry.
  • Silence
    Thanks to our engineers to design the pump with its distinguised and innovative technology to complete the pump with extremely quiet. You can't even observe the pump is in operation, yet in silent night.
  • Stylish
    Designed with advance technology and combination of stainless steel and thermoplastic materials make PureGen pumps look elegant.
  • Superior
    Pump is manufactured according to world class standard and stringent PureGen quality programme with 100% factory test before delivery.
  • Simple
    PureGen pump is easy to install and operate. Actual settings are clearly indicated by user friendly control panel.