Puregen Divertron
Puregen DivertronPuregen Divertron with built-in electronic controller


Puregen Divertron
  • Space-free
    The pump is fully submersed in the water tank, hence, no extra space required for the pump to sit on the ceiling. No conventional pressure tank required.
  • Corrosion-free
    Major components are manufactured from high performance polymers withstand high heat and strength. Therefore, no corrosion and contamination to your house water.
  • Trouble-free
    A pump is designed and manufactured to our stringent PureGen standard and exceeds the ISO requirement. The pumps are 100% factory tested before shipment. Therefore, performance and quality is guaranteed.
  • Noise-free
    Pump is fully submersed in the water tank. No noise shall be observed during operation even in the quiet night.
  • Leakage-free
    Pump operation is not on the ceiling, but in the water storage tank. Hence, no leakage will damage your gorgeous ceilings. Leakage always happen in the conventional pump set system after a year operation, when the mechanical seal is due to change.