Smart IonizerSmart IonizerSmart IonizerLevel your water pH to level your body pH
Alkaline water has plentiful ionized minerals for your body. Minerals move from positron to negatron during the water electrolysis and increases minerals more than it has in the original water.

Two in One Outlet
Sophisticated and user friendly designed two in one outlet. Alkaline water and neutral water is supplied seperately.
Smart Display
User friendly display for water temperature, pH level and water quantity.
Smart Touch Button
Convenient and soft touch to operate the product.
Water Status Indication Light
Water types of alkaline water (blue), neutral (green), and acidic (red) are indicated on the cross light.
Extra Rear Faucet
Extra rear faucet to get plentiful cooking water at once easily.
Compact Design
The smallest ionizer in Korea. Slim and contemporary design which compatible with any places. Increase space efficiency.

Puregen model Smart Ion Water Ionizer
Electric specification AC 220V 60HZ 130VA
Weight 7KG / 1 Box
Control method Smart touch system
Cleaning system Smart care system
Filter replacement 12,000 litre or 1 year
Electrolysis ability Maximum 3.0 litre / min
Using condition Water pressure 0.7 - 8kgf/cm2
Temperature 5 - 35 °C
pH level 7 Levels
( Alkaline: 4 Levels / Neutral / Acidic: 2 Levels)
Electrode material Platinum - Titanium
Alkaline water & acidic water

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