Magic Drinking SystemMagic Drinking SystemMagic Drinking System
Enhance high quality water for daily living
A beautiful kitchen is full of personality. Magic adds a healthy touch to your kitchen.

Water tank capacity Hot
3.0 liters
6.0 liters
Cooling capacity   4°C - 10°C
Heating capacity 70°C - 90°C
Power consumption Hot
Purified water capacity UF Over 40 lit/hr

Table Top (TT)
Dimension (W x D x H) mm 255 x 482 x 505
Weight (Kg)   Net: 11     Gross: 18
Floor Standing (FS)
Dimension (W x D x H) mm 255 x 482 x 1150
Weight (Kg)   Net: 20     Gross: 22
Filteration Stages
  • Stage 1: Ceramic Filter
    (about 24 months)

    Remove suspecded particles, sediments, scale and other unseen particles, bacteria.
  • Stage 2: Sediment + Pre Carbon Filter
    (about 12 months)

    Remove suspended particles, sediments, scale and silt, odours, unsavory taste, organic matters, Chlorine, VOC, THM and toxic compounds.
  • Stage 3: Ultra Filter
    (about 12 months)

    With pre size of 0.01 micron to remove all undissolved particles (e.g. bacteria, viruses)
  • Stage 4: Post Carbon
    (about 12 months)

    Reduce harmful organics, micro-organisms and odour in the water.