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Available in 4 attractive colours to match any decor.
Finally, a modern compact counter top RO system with sanitary quick change filters, 2.2 Gal storage tank and a sealed system designed to ensure the highest quality water !

The 'SMARTROL' is an easy to use controller for the PURA 5 advanced RO system. A large LCD screed with an easy to understand interface makes this state-of-the-art unit user friendly. With safety features including leak detection with automatic shutoff and an audible alarm you can lower your liability. Filter life indicators for all five filters, TDS monitoring, and 24V DC connections for a booster pump,  solenoid valve, and high and low pressure switches, the 'SMARTROL' controller from GAT will put you ahead of the competition!


Model No. Stage GPD Pump UV Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Wt.(lbs)
PURA 5-550 5 50 No No QSF-25003 QGA-25003 QCB-25003 QME-25050 QGA-18001 25
PURA 5-550P 5 50 Yes No QSF-25003 QGA-25001 QCB-25001 QME-25050 QGA-18001 33
PURA5-650-UV 6 50 No Yes QSF-25003 QGA-25001 QCB-25001 QME-25050 QGA-18001 27
PURA 5-650P-UV 6 50 Yes Yes QSF-25003 QGA-25001 QCB-25001 QME-25050 QGA-18001 35
  • Low and high pressure detection with time delay
  • Filter life monitoring for up to five filters
  • Automatic membrane flush, 5 seconds every four hours
  • Leak detection with automatic shut off
  • Overload protection (3amps)
  • LUV System: SST (UV-SS101). 110V, 220V
  • Booster pump:110V/60HZ, and 220V/50HZ
  • Membrane: 75GPD, 100GPD